Call for hornby project scheme clil methodology school in Krasnoyarsk


We call for higher education professionals teaching English for subject areas and those teaching subjects through English medium or integrating content with English to participate in Hornby Project Scheme CLIL Methodology School in Krasnoyarsk.

Title “Integrating ELT with Other Subject Methodology for Higher Education (CLIL/CBA based) purposes”

Venue The Hornby Project Scheme CLIL Methodology School will be held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, in September 2014. There will be approximately 25 participants from Siberia and Far East. Visitors from other regions of Russia and the countries neighboring to Siberia are welcomed to apply as well. The host of the School is Institute of Philology and Language Communication of Siberian Federal University.

DatesSunday 21 to Saturday 27 September, 2014

The tutors are professionals from UK and Russia experienced in ELT and CLIL methodology. Tuition for participation is free. We do not cover visa, travel, accommodation or any other expenses.

The participants will be selected on the basis of applications. Please find the application form. Applications must be sent to participantapplication@gmail.comby 14 September 2014.

Tel: +79135955532, Tatiana Galitch.

This School is the project of A.S. Hornby Educational TrustBritish Council and Siberian Federal University.