“Journalism as a career in new york, Moscow and Krasnoyarsk. the same or different?”


VII Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair that traditionally takes place at International Exhibition and Business Center “Siberia” was distinguished this year by holding a number of workshops and seminars and one the most prominent was a workshop titled “Journalism as a career in New York, Moscow and Krasnoyarsk. The same or different?”. 

Many undergraduates and alumni of Institute’s Department of Journalism attended the event. 

Valery Panyushkin, a well-known journalist and writer, who was a moderator of the workshop, as well as an American writer and journalist Ian Frazier, made it a fascinating discussion on various issues, gave some tips on how to find and develop topics, analyzed specific facts and with an active participation of the audience brainstormed a frame of some hypothetical media publication. There was also a conversation on today’s journalism with all its pros and cons: journalism and its role in provinces, Moscow and in the USA; the information age and journalism: immediate expectations and ten year forecast, etc.

The high professionalism and professional integrity of the moderators determined an advanced level of a discussion. Valery Panyushkin, who got a degree in drama studies, but found himself as a newspaper publicist and commentator, has worked as a writer for “Kommersant” and “Esquire” and has his own column in “Snob” magazine. He also wrote highly-acclaimed books like “Invisible thing”, “Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Prisoner of Silence”, “Gazprom. New Russian weapon”, “All my folks are already under the sod”. 

Ian Frazier, a Harvard University alumnus, is a journalist and writer, who now lives in New Jersey.  He was talking about the U.S. press and the unique “The New Yorker” magazine, where he works as a commentator and writer. In the end of the discussion he admitted in an entirely Russian sentimental way that from his point of view journalism is a mission rather than a profession. It is the soul. The audience greeted these words with applause. 

Two and a half hours of the discussion passed like a moment but will be remembered for a very long time. 

Lyudmila Vinskaya